The UHRIG system

We build pipelines wherever they are needed, even in situations where traffic, water, or mountains are in the way. Confined, urban spaces are our specialty.

We work under the flow of traffic, at extremely deep locations, and with challenging soil types. We are especially skilled at working in confined spaces. And on top of that, we ensure that our work is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and economical.

Our 60 years’ experience and numerous patents will give you peace of mind.

We know everything about pipelines

Tell us about your project and we will identify any difficulties, rise to the challenge, and find solutions.

Our UHRIG system has been tried and tested over many years. We offer consulting, planning, and the realization of pipeline construction projects. And at the same time, environmental and climate protection are our top priority.

Whenever we submit to a tender, we almost always also provide variant solutions that go far beyond traditional civil engineering.

It is our goal to save time and money and to protect resources and the environment.

Our civil engineering specialties


The UHRIG system

Thanks to our innovative technology and many years of experience, we are perfectly equipped to tackle any project. With the UHRIG system, we can offer everything from one source. Minimally invasive, for the sake of resources and environment. The next level of civil engineering. 


Underground construction from above

We take a different approach to underground construction: one of UHRIG’s specialties is the lowering-in method. This construction method involves creating a concrete shell around the structure above ground and then lowering it into a precisely dimensioned trench. This saves space and time.


Advantages of pipe jacking

Laying pipelines without having to do excavation work is one of our great strengths at UHRIG. This method is possible for carrier pipes up to 100m in length with nominal diameters of up to DN 3200 / 128’’. It makes pipeline construction particularly efficient and speedy, especially in large cities.


Under or over water

There are a number of methods for routing a pipeline under, through, or over a body of water. We have already realized a number of such projects with customized concepts. No task is too complicated for us.

Our services

We are your one-stop shop. When we finish your project, it is ready to use. And we are not interested in following the beaten track.

Whenever we get involved in a project, we always offer variant solutions and special proposals that make our work more efficient and environmentally friendly than that of our competitors.

Many of our methods are patented and lie somewhere between classic open-trench installation and pipe jacking. They combine the advantages of both technologies and are unique on the market.

Our standards

We strive to constantly set new economic and ecological standards in our areas of expertise.
We provide you with detailed information, explain our reasoning, and answer your questions. UHRIG is your port of call for all things civil engineering.

We are committed to protecting the environment and our developments allow us to work in a particularly sustainable, economical, and resource-friendly way.

Reducing CO2 emissions is a keystone of our corporate strategy with which we hope to facilitate the process of decarbonization in civil engineering.

It is our goal to save time and money and to protect resources and the environment.

Sustainable, economical, and resource-friendly

We use minimally invasive methods that have the smallest possible impact on the environment and nature.

In this way, we are revolutionizing the civil engineering sector and making our construction sites green and efficient.

It is also important for us to apply this expertise to our wastewater energy business. Our underground construction expertise allows us to install our wastewater energy recovery systems with the greatest precision. 

Are you interested in learning more? Ask us!

Our experience

Ever since the UHRIG Group was founded 60 years ago, it has become an internationally recognized specialist for waste- and rainwater systems.

The roots of our Group lie in road and underground construction. You could say that civil engineering is our foundation, and road construction, pipeline construction, earthworks, and specialized underground engineering are the facets of it that UHRIG is proficient in. While road construction is our most visible service, as it is the only one that can be seen above ground, the other work we do underground remains out of sight.

UHRIG offers perfectly customized solutions – and we are not deterred by difficult terrain.

Used all over Germany

After we founded our company, we mainly realized pipeline construction projects in southern Germany. We are now active throughout Germany, particularly in North Rhine-Westphalia. 

In some UHRIG business areas, we also operate internationally.

With our underground construction activities, we laid the foundation for other business areas that still benefit from this expertise today. Today, these business areas are combined in a single Group. Our emphasis remains on interdisciplinary work, which is one of the keys to our success.

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